Belize News – Government Licence Fee Increase for Belize International Business Companies

 In Belize

According to Belize Statutory Instrument No. 11 of 2016 – International Business Companies (Fees) Regulations, 2016, the licence fee of Belize International Business Companies (IBCs) will be increased with effect from 1 July 2016. We hereby enclosed the copy of new regulation for your information.

We would like to draw your close attention to amendment on section 114 of the Act, (point 3 of the notice attached) the licence fee for all Belize IBCs with authorised capital not exceeding US$50,000 and with par value will be increased from US$100 to US$150 with effect from 1 July 2016.

With respect to the significant change on the government licence fee mentioned above, we highly recommend you to settle the annual fee with us on or before 10 June 2016 in order to avoid the increment of US$50 on licence fee. For those payment is to be made after 10 June 2016, we will then revise the government licence fee in our invoice and re-send it to you for your early settlement.

For further information on changes to the regime and how they might affect you and your clients, please feel free to contact your KEY account managers.