British Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is located in the Caribbean Sea, approximately 30 minutes flying distance (80 kilometers) east of Puerto Rico. BVI is a British overseas territory and is one of the world’s leading offshore financial center. Its official language is English.

BVI Business Companies are exempted from taxation on business activities or transactions carried outside of the BVI. BVI has sound commercial constructions and communication systems, coupled with the widespread use of English on the island and the law system is based on English Common Law, prompting the BVI become a very convenient and efficient commercial presence. The numerous offshore companies, trusts, insurance companies and mutual funds on the islands are supported by the developed and diversified professional services. The principle corporate legislation is the BVI Business Companies Act 2004.

Features and Advantages

  • Minimum number of director and shareholder is one. They can be of any nationality and no need to reside in BVI.
  • Information of director and shareholder is not accessible publicly. Chinese company name (or other name in foreign language) is permitted can be incorporated with the Registrar
  • Not subject to any tax in BVI, including stamping duty.
  • Not required to file annual return and audit the accounts.
  • Comparing to other jurisdictions, it is easier to find BVI lawyers in any other countries, even in Asia.
  • Flexible regulations which makes clients able to operating the companies with their needs.
  • It takes only 1-2 working days for BVI company formation.
  • Shelf companies are available for purchase.

Please NOTE: The time of annual license fee payable to the Companies Registrar is regardless of its incorporation date. The due dates are set at 31st May for 1st half companies (companies registered in January to June) and 30th November for 2nd half companies (companies registered in July to December) every year.


Type of Company
Business Company

Time to Incorporate
1-2 working days

Disclosure of Director / Shareholder Information
Information of director and shareholder is not accessible publicly, however a copy of the Register of Directors must be filed with the Registrar of Companies


Minimum Director
At least 1 director who can be natural person or corporate body

Minimum Shareholder
At least 1 shareholder who can be natural person or corporate body

Audit Requirement
No audit requirement for accounts

Filing of Accounts
Required to prepare accounts / Accounts are not accessible publicly

Filing of Annual Return
Not required